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Our Standard Model includes:

• Torque
• Hydraulic fluid supply and return pressures.
• Hydraulic fluid temperature.
• Stores: Tong and Power Unit serial numbers
• Stores downloadable session data for over 50,000 test sessions
• Dump valve for air and hydraulics
• Emergency Diverter Valve for catastrophic pressure loss
• Safety Strobe
• Air Regulator

Please mark other options you wish to be quoted:

 Hoist Crane Hoist and/or Crane tons
 Flow Meter
 Viscosity Meter
 Particle Detector w/moisture detection
 GPM meter
 Mircons Meter
 On board air supply
 Intergraded Backup Tongs
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• Gripe surface of tongs:

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• Sucker Rods:
• Casing:
• Tubing:

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